Frequently Asked Questions

General Registration Information

There are two events – 5K and 1-mile fun run. Costume contests will be awarded to both individuals and to pet/owners in various categories.


All Sports Productions is part of the Athletes for a Fit Planet initiative to reduce the extreme impact events have on the planet by offering participants the ability to purchase or not purchase a t-shirt.  We’ve discounted the registration price to reflect an entry without a t-shirt. Many events include the cost of a t-shirt with the entry. Because t-shirts have to be ordered in advance and there is no accurate way to know how many to order, many times there are hundreds of left over t-shirts .  Also, participants end up with several t-shirts at the end of the year which they don’t wear. We would rather someone keep the extra money to do as they choose.

Do we have to wear a costume?

No, but then how can you win a costume contest without one. And of course who wants to go to a Halloween Monster Dash dressed up as themselves. Be creative!